A collection of 1096 Samurai angry Apes living on the Solana blockchain,this collection didn’t sold out so we airdroped the collection on the 4 % holders and we are trying to continue the roadmap from the 7.5 % royalties on the secondary market.

The Founder


Founder (Ph.D and Digital Marketing expert)

Road Map


April 2022

Generate 1096 OZUNU Angry Samurai Apes✅ , Design 1.0 Website✅

Listing on different platforms as an upcoming project✅.


Post Mint :

Partnership with OpenSea https:https://opensea.io/collection/ozunu-ape-clan ✅ and other secondary NFT marketplaces ✅



We didn’t sold out so so we will do out best to get 20K Solana volume on secondary market( equivalent to the launch funds with the 7.5% royalties ),and every holder of 5 OZONU Apes will receive a FREE 3D OZUNU Ape and automatic WL For the other Clan members.

Merch Shop, the revenue will go to the marketing wallet.


Create World of OZUNU a 3.0 OZUNU Planet Apes in the Metaverse.

Every holder of the 3D OZUNU Will receive a FREE Land


$OZUNU Token

OZUNU Game: Build a community-driven game that enables players to become owners/investors and Offer a game that you, and we want to play. A beautifully designed Game World and Characters with a long road map that you will get to decide what’s next.

FAQ 's

Where can I buy OZUNU APE CLAN NFT and be a part of the community?

Minting date is the 05th of May at 05:00 Pm UTC. We will post the details on our Discord server and Twitter account. The whitelist will be reserved for early adopters and the fan base community. After the mint is over, there will be an option to trade on secondary market platforms.

How was the OZUNU APE CLAN NFT created?

Each Ozunu Ape has been constructed algorithmically by a special script that basically mixes a variety of hand-drawn properties with different possibilities

How to get whitelisted?

You can get whitelisted by inviting 10 friends to the discord ,Achieve level 6 by being active in the Discord – Start conversations in the general chat, help others, welcome newcomers https://discord.com/invite/tM4N6h8KrH

Are there benefits to holding multiple OZUNU APE CLAN?

Yes, Every holder of 5 OZUNU Apes will receive a Free 3D animated OZUNU and every holder of a 3D OZUNU will receive a Free land.